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Unlock any iPhone in minutes!
Monday, March 30, 2009
A couple of weeks back while on a conversation with a friend from CA, she expressed concern over how it was ridiculous for Apple to lock its iPhone only to be used by AT&T network! She was looking for a possibility if she could ever unlock her Apple iPhone 3G and be able to use it with other networks. I was searching over the net for any such resources and came upon this excellent looking website which claims to unlock any iPhone in minutes.

I suggested her to use this service and by paying a little amount (a mere US $29.99) she says she was able to unlock her new 3G iPhone 2.2.1. She says, this service takes only minutes, takes just one click, requires no technical knowledge, does not result in any loss of features or functionalities and comes with installer application. So, if you use an Apple iPhone and want to unlock it, then you may try out this application.

Disclaimer: I am not sure though if unlocking an iPhone by this method is legal and if Apple would approve it. But as a customer, I feel that Apple should let its users to decide which network to use rather than forcing it upon them!

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Posted @ Monday, March 30, 2009   1 comments

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New Load Testing Tool Released for UltraLightClient
Sunday, April 22, 2007
From: PRWeb

Canoo Engineering has announced that it has released a new version of its load testing tool for UltraLightClient, ULC Load. The tool analyses the performance data of UltraLightClient-based applications.

Since the last version, ULC Load has been completely re-implemented to offer improved testing functionality for Java RIA development with UltraLightClient. New features include improved usability, graphical output of results, graphical test plan browser and the possibility to add and modify test plan parameters.

All performance data is logged during the load tests, allowing developers to assess the performance and scalability of an UltraLightClient application before deployment. This helps to avoid costly performance problems by detecting bottlenecks before a new application is deployed.

The tool records interaction sequences, allows controlled replays of test scenarios, and displays the results as graphs. ULC Load is available in two versions:
1. ULC Load - single node version, suitable for testing small applications.
2. ULC Load Enterprise - multi-node version, for large enterprise-level applications.

ULC Load Enterprise is a site license for ULC Load with no restrictions regarding number of instances, machines or connections. The license covers all testing requirements irrespective of the size of your application or number of developers working in your organisation.Both versions of ULC Load integrate into Apache Jakarta’s JMeter load test infrastructure, leveraging the existing functionality of this infrastructure such as easy visualization and analysis of load test results.

A single license for ULC Load costs around $5,000 and can be purchased at the Canoo product website: An evaluation license is available for a 30 day test period. An unlimited ULC Load Enterprise license is available for approximately $30,000.
Posted @ Sunday, April 22, 2007   3 comments

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Testing Master - Website Testing Tool (Review)
Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Today I came across this wonderful Website testing tool. Testing Master is website testing tool for load stress and performance testing web sites and web applications. Testing Master is an easy-to-use and affordable website testing tool. It tests the performance of web sites or intranet applications by load and stress testing and helps you to find bottlenecks of your web site. Web site testing tool Testing Master can simulate thousands of users, came from the same quantity of IPs and analyze, how many concurrent users can handle your web site. Website testing tool Testing Master has many useful features, such as IP spoofing, multiple simultaneous test cases and website testing features for sites with dynamic content and secure HTTPS pages. This website testing tool presents test results for you in graphs and text reports, so you can analyze the performance characteristics of your web site, and by this way, make it better.

Testing Master is a website testing tool of choice for Web developers and QA professionals that should perform an occasional task of load, stress and performance testing. This website testing solution can help you if you need to launch new Web application, renew front-end or back-end, scale or tune the performance of you Web site or intranet application.

You can
Download the 30-day trial version to see the advantages of website testing tool Testing Master.
Posted @ Wednesday, April 11, 2007   2 comments

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2007 conference for the association of software testing (CAST2007)
Saturday, February 03, 2007
Call for papers for the Conference for the Association of Software Testing
July 9 - 11, 2007
Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue, WA.
Posted @ Saturday, February 03, 2007   0 comments

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Why is most software so bad?

(from an interview with Bjarne Soustroup in

Technology Review: Why is most software so bad?

Bjarne Stroustrup: Some software is actually pretty good by any standards. Think of the Mars Rovers, Google, and the Human Genome Project. That's quality software! Fifteen years ago, most people, and especially most experts, would have said each of those examples was impossible. Our technological civilization depends on software, so if software had been as bad as its worst reputation, most of us would have been dead by now.

On the other hand, looking at "average" pieces of code can make me cry. The structure is appalling, and the programmers clearly didn't think deeply about correctness, algorithms, data structures, or maintainability. Most people don't actually read code; they just see Internet Explorer "freeze."

I think the real problem is that "we" (that is, we software developers) are in a permanent state of emergency, grasping at straws to get our work done. We perform many minor miracles through trial and error, excessive use of brute force, and lots and lots of testing, but--so often--it's not enough.

Software developers have become adept at the difficult art of building reasonably reliable systems out of unreliable parts. The snag is that often we do not know exactly how we did it: a system just "sort of evolved" into something minimally acceptable. Personally, I prefer to know when a system will work, and why it will.

TR: How can we fix the mess we are in?

BS: In theory, the answer is simple: educate our software developers better, use more-appropriate design methods, and design for flexibility and for the long haul. Reward correct, solid, and safe systems. Punish sloppiness.

In reality, that's impossible. People reward developers who deliver software that is cheap, buggy, and first. That's because people want fancy new gadgets now. They don't want inconvenience, don't want to learn new ways of interacting with their computers, don't want delays in delivery, and don't want to pay extra for quality (unless it's obvious up front--and often not even then). And without real changes in user behavior, software suppliers are unlikely to change.

We can't just stop the world for a decade while we reprogram everything from our coffee machines to our financial systems. On the other hand, just muddling along is expensive, dangerous, and depressing. Significant improvements are needed, and they can only come gradually. They must come on a broad front; no single change is sufficient.

One problem is that "academic smokestacks" get in the way: too many people push some area as a panacea. Better design methods can help, better specification techniques can help, better programming languages can help, better testing technologies can help, better operating systems can help, better middle-ware infrastructures can help, better understanding of application domains can help, better understanding of data structures and algorithms can help--and so on. For example, type theory, model-based development, and formal methods can undoubtedly provide significant help in some areas, but pushed as the solution to the exclusion of other approaches, each guarantees failure in large-scale projects. People push what they know and what they have seen work; how could they do otherwise? But few have the technical maturity to balance the demands and the resources.
Posted @ Saturday, February 03, 2007   0 comments

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